About Us

Daniel Macabuhay

As a former film and TV producer, Daniel Macabuhay leverages his creative and strategic acumen to drive results. Overseeing business operations and spearheading initiatives in business development, Daniel is committed to delivering innovative solutions that propel clients towards digital success. He has a steadfast commitment to driving innovation and embracing emerging trends, fostering an environment where a client’s true potential can truly shine through.

John Stokel

With over 20 years of experience as an Emmy nominated television producer, John Stokel is the creative force behind Pulse Studios. His unparalleled passion for innovative storytelling and design is matched only by his dedication to achieving remarkable results for our clients.

Under John’s visionary leadership, our creative team has a profound understanding of how compelling content can captivate audiences and foster engagement. His belief is that at the intersection of creativity and strategy lies the key to unlocking the full potential of social media. Whether it’s launching an innovative campaign, or crafting ground breaking content, John ensures every piece is not just visually stunning but strategically designed to drive engagement, increase reach, and deliver tangible results.

Aleks Drogobetski

Aleks Drogobetski, an accomplished Technical Director of Product, currently leads the SEO and Web Development efforts at Pulse Studio. With a robust track record at Beachbody, Disney, and Guitar Center, Aleks excels in blending technical expertise and marketing savvy to drive digital success.

Through entrepreneurial ventures like OrcasCars and Velvet Ropes, Aleks has demonstrated innovation in technology and customer experience. Now residing in Nashville, TN, Aleks is committed to using his diverse expertise to help brands achieve maximum online visibility and engagement in the ever-evolving digital landscape.